Trimurti, meaning "having three forms", is the term applied to the three main Hindu gods: Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva. This Trimurti or triad represents all aspects of the Supreme Being. The Trimurti is depicted as a single-bodied, three-headed man. This symbolises the fact that the three forms are aspects of one Supreme Being. Nothing in the universe is created, preserved, or destroyed without the mutual agreement and approval of the three aspects of the Supreme Being, for they are unitedly essential for the production and reproduction of all forms of life


. The concept of a divine triad is rooted in the earliest Hindu beliefs, which were largely fashioned by man's reaction to nature: reverence and fear, for there was no means of controlling it. As a result, he personified natural phenomena and worshipped them. The earliest triad comprised of Varuna, Mitra, and Aryaman, representing the basic aspects of nature like the day and night, earth and sky. As new concepts replaced older ones, this Triad gave way to another, of Vayu, Agni, and Surya. Later Indra replaced Vayu as a member of this highest order.

By Puranic times, the awesome aspects of nature had ceased to be so terrifying. Man was slowly understanding, and thereby learning to control, these phenomena. In addition, the earlier deities were limited: they could only control that aspect of nature, which they represented. A superior being was required who could control both nature and man, as well as provide solace. And so Brahma, Vishnu, and Shiva, (Creation, Preservation, and Destruction), came to be.According to the Puranas, the 'Trimurti' originated from Adishakti. However the widely accepted belief is that it represents earth, water, and fire. The earth has given rise to all living beings, and is therefore regarded as the divine creator. It is represented as Brahma, the creator. Brahma also represents the quality of passion or desire (rajo-guna), which is responsible for the creation of the world.

No living being can exist without water, which sustains life, and therefore preserves it. It is represented as Vishnu, the preserver. He also represents the quality of mercy (satva-guna), because of which the world is preserved.

Fire destroys life, and is responsible for the destruction of the world . It is represented as Shiva, the destroyer. He also represents the quality of darkness and wrath (tamo-guna), which is responsible for the annihilation of the universe.

The Trimurti is no longer worshipped as a deity. Even initially, it was worshipped as a representation of Brahman, the Supreme Being, and as a single entity. Later, each god was separated from the single entity and considered a deity in his own right. Today, Brahma is not worshipped, but Vishnu and Shiva both have large followings.


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